UPDATE: Glissel successfully gathered approximately 250 toys for children in need.  The generosity, caring and selflessness are uncommon and exceptional in today’s world. You all continue to amaze us.  Have a merry Christmas! 

Paragon Family! Every year Glissel’s mom receives gifts from Toys For Tots to hand out to kids in a hispanic community in Conyers, GA. She just found out from Toys For Tots that there is a shortage this year and she won’t be getting any toys. There are 300 kids expecting toys from this community. We have set up our gym as a toy drop off location. We are collecting toys up thru Friday morning. Please donate if you can. Kids range from  1 month to 12 years old. We will post the Toys For Tots email regarding the shortage up on the wall as well. Thank you so much!

Rest Day/Home Brew

Rest Day

Another big fat hairy welcome to Christi and her boo, Steve. We are stoked to have you guys!


5 Rounds of:
3 Cleans, 185/130lbs.
21 Flash Push-ups

Just a Reminder:

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